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Kratom in the News: Recent Developments and Future Outlook for July 2024

Kratom in the News: Recent Developments and Future Outlook for July 2024

Kratom in the News: Recent Developments and Future Outlook for July 2024

As the conversation around kratom continues to evolve, it's important to stay informed about the latest developments. Here’s a roundup of recent news articles and significant updates in the kratom industry for July 2024, covering legislative changes, research findings, and industry trends.

Legislative Changes

1. Colorado’s New Regulations In a significant move, Colorado has introduced new regulations to ensure the safety of kratom products. Effective July 1, 2024, the state prohibits the sale of kratom products adulterated with fentanyl or other controlled substances. Additionally, all kratom products must now include labeling with manufacturer or distributor information and undergo testing for contaminants. These measures aim to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of kratom products in the state.

2. Ongoing Efforts in Rhode Island Advocates in Rhode Island are pushing for the reclassification of kratom. Efforts to introduce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) are gaining momentum. The KCPA aims to regulate the sale and distribution of kratom, ensuring products are pure, properly labeled, and free from contaminants. This legislative effort is part of a broader movement to provide safe and regulated access to kratom in states where it is currently banned.

Research Findings

1. University of Florida’s Kratom Studies The University of Florida continues to lead in kratom research, publishing new findings on the potential benefits and safety of kratom. Recent studies have focused on kratom’s impact on pain management and its role in reducing opioid dependence. Preliminary results are promising, suggesting that kratom could be a valuable tool in addressing the opioid crisis.

2. International Kratom Symposium Highlights The Third International Kratom Symposium, held in June 2024, brought together experts from around the world to discuss the latest research and industry practices. Key topics included the pharmacology of kratom, its potential therapeutic uses, and strategies for ensuring product safety and quality. The symposium highlighted the growing global interest in kratom and the need for continued research and regulation.

Industry Trends

1. Growing Market for Kratom Products The demand for kratom continues to rise, with new products entering the market. From traditional powders and capsules to innovative kratom-infused beverages and edibles, the variety of kratom products available to consumers is expanding. This growth reflects increasing consumer awareness and interest in kratom’s potential benefits.

2. Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing As the market grows, there is a stronger emphasis on sustainable and ethical sourcing of kratom. Companies are focusing on ensuring that their kratom is sourced responsibly, supporting fair trade practices, and maintaining high standards for quality and purity. This trend is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the kratom industry and for building consumer trust.

Looking Ahead

The future of kratom looks promising, with continued efforts to regulate and understand this complex herb. Legislative changes, ongoing research, and industry advancements all contribute to a more informed and safer kratom market. As we move forward, staying updated on these developments is essential for consumers, advocates, and industry stakeholders alike.


At Lockhold, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality kratom products and keeping them informed about the latest news and developments in the kratom industry. Stay tuned for our monthly updates to stay informed about the evolving landscape of kratom.

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