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New Federal Legislative Efforts: A Game-Changer for Kratom in the U.S.

New Federal Legislative Efforts: A Game-Changer for Kratom in the U.S.

New Federal Legislative Efforts: A Game-Changer for Kratom in the U.S.

In a significant development for the kratom community, a new bill introduced in Congress by Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Cory Booker of New Jersey aims to legalize the importation of kratom into the United States. This bill could potentially reshape the landscape of kratom availability and research in the country by preventing the FDA from regulating kratom as a new dietary ingredient and establishing a Kratom Research Task Force.

The Bill's Provisions

Legalization of Kratom Importation: The proposed legislation would make it legal to import kratom into the U.S., which is currently restricted under the FDA's "Import Alert" status. This change would open the doors for more widespread availability of kratom products, allowing consumers greater access to this natural supplement.

Establishment of a Kratom Research Task Force: A crucial component of the bill is the creation of a Kratom Research Task Force. This task force would be responsible for evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of kratom within 90 days of the bill's adoption. The aim is to provide a clearer scientific understanding of kratom's effects and its potential therapeutic uses.

Preventing FDA Regulation as a New Dietary Ingredient: By stopping the FDA from regulating kratom as a new dietary ingredient, the bill seeks to ensure that kratom remains accessible to consumers without the stringent controls that typically apply to new dietary supplements. This provision reflects ongoing concerns that the FDA's regulatory actions could limit consumer access to kratom unnecessarily.

Implications for the Kratom Community

Increased Accessibility: If passed, the bill would significantly increase the availability of kratom in the U.S. This could benefit millions of Americans who use kratom for various purposes, including pain relief, anxiety management, and as an alternative to more harmful substances like opioids.

Enhanced Research Opportunities: The establishment of the Kratom Research Task Force is a major step towards understanding kratom's full potential. By focusing on rigorous scientific research, the task force aims to provide evidence-based insights into the safety and efficacy of kratom, potentially paving the way for more informed use and acceptance.

Regulatory Clarity: The bill also seeks to address the ongoing confusion and controversy surrounding kratom regulation. By preventing the FDA from imposing strict regulatory measures, the legislation aims to create a more stable and predictable environment for kratom vendors and consumers.

Industry and Advocacy Group Reactions

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a leading advocacy group, has expressed strong support for the bill. According to Mac Haddow, AKA’s principal lobbyist, this legislation is crucial for ensuring that kratom remains accessible and safe for consumers. The AKA has been at the forefront of efforts to counteract negative perceptions and regulatory actions against kratom, advocating for its potential benefits and the need for proper regulation rather than prohibition.

On the other hand, some public health advocates and legal experts have raised concerns about the potential risks of increased kratom availability without adequate regulatory oversight. They argue that while kratom may offer benefits, there is also a need for ensuring product safety and preventing misuse.


The introduction of this bill represents a pivotal moment for kratom in the United States. By potentially legalizing importation, establishing a research task force, and preventing stringent FDA regulation, the legislation could significantly impact the kratom landscape. As the bill moves through Congress, it will be crucial to monitor its progress and the ensuing debates to understand its full implications for consumers and the industry.


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